AnimationMentor Progress Reel Play (QT H.264 2.85mb)
Hey everybody, because I was pretty busy doing the latest AM assignments I didn't update the blog for a while :sad_wp:. But last Friday the first term ended and therefor I found time to post my latest assignment ... my progress reel, which includes all the stuff I had done in the first term ... hope you like it :wink_wp:


Furthermore I want to thank my mentor Dimos, who is a super nice and funny guy ... the Live Q&As were awesome. And to everyone else who helped me on my assignments: Adrian, Andre, Andrew, Andy, Arash, Barni, Bine, Bryan, Charles, Dan, David, Digger, Donnett, Francesco, Heng, James, Jeremy, Jesse, Khaldoun, Kimberly, Kristina, Kristopher, Lenin, Miles, Nathan, Philip, Remi Rockstar, Romulo, Ryan, Sara, Steph, Suzanne, Tim, Valdi