October 19, 2007Comments are off for this post.

Sculpey Round Two

2 Long NoseWhen I was in London I bought a new sculpture tool. The day before yesterday I found some time to finish a project I have started a while ago and I can tell you ears are soooo freaking hard to create ... especially if you want them to look the same ;). I had to redo the second ear about 5 times :|. But finally I'm pretty happy with the result.

February 14, 2007Comments are off for this post.

First experience with Sculpey

First experience with SculpeySorry for beeing inactive, I try to get more continuity in my posting 😉 Nevertheless yesterday I had my first experience with Sculpey, it's a ceramic-like sculpting compound. Afterfinishing the model, you can bake it and afterwards it can be carved, sanded and drilled. The head isn't finished yet, I still have to refine some parts so this is a WIP picture 😉

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