The ANIMTool was designed by Dimos Vrysellas and scripted by Charles Wardlaw. The tool is based on similar tools such as the ReTime Tool (created by Lionel Gallat) and the AnimationAgent (created by Roja Huchez & Dimos Vrysellas). The ANIMTool is designed to aid in the setting of key/breakdown poses and in the timing process. The tool is especially helpful for CG animators that follow a more traditional approach to animation (mimicking hand ANIMTool UIdrawn techniques) but can be useful for every method and style of animation production using MAYA. It’s up to the user to fit it in their workflow as they see fit. For a detailed overview and an introduction of all functions just KLICK.

I was one of the beta testers and for speeding up your animation workflow this tool is a must have ;). Thank to Dimos and Charles for creating this little helper. You ROCK